Lessons are available from our resident PGA professionals James Curtis and Mark Lawrence, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to lessons with experienced and beginner-level golfers alike.

Our lesson offerings are below:

1 Hour Assessment Lesson - £50
Strongly recommended for new pupils in order to analyse swing and set goals.

30 Minute Lesson - £35
This includes video analysis for a swing check or work on a specific area of the game.

1 Hour Lesson - £60
As above with more time to train and ingrain the particular area.

5 x 30 Minute Programme - £125
Designed to fix grip, ball position, posture and swing faults to develop a consistent ball flight or it can be based around improving pitching, chipping, bunker shots and putting.

10 x 30 Minute Programme - £250
Designed to fix swing faults and improve your short game. Also includes 1 hour course play covering course management, routine and golf psychology.

10 x 1 Hour Programme - £450
As above but will include at least 3 hours on the golf course.

Half Day Tuition (3 Hours) - £250
A bespoke session tailor-made to the individual.

Full Day Tuition (8 Hours) - £500
A bespoke day tailored to individual needs. Lunch included.

Additional players £50 per person extra (maximum of 4 per group).


James Curtis & Mark Lawrence - 0161 998 9278
Click here to request a lesson.